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CBSE Class 7 Social - MCQ and Online Tests- History - Unit 7 - Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

CBSE Class 7 Social – MCQ and Online Tests – History – Unit 7 – Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities

Every year CBSE students attend Annual Assessment exams for 6,7,8,9,11th standards. These exams are very competitive to all the students. So our website provides online tests for all the 6,7,8,9,11th standards’ subjects. These tests are also very effective and useful for those who preparing for any competitive exams like Olympiad etc. It can boost their preparation level and confidence level by attempting these chapter wise online tests.

These online tests are based on latest CBSE syllabus. While attempting these, our students can identify their weak lessons and continuously practice those lessons for attaining high marks. It also helps to revise the NCERT textbooks thoroughly.

CBSE Class 7 Social – MCQ and Online Tests – History – Unit 7 – Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities


Question 1.
The important tribe of Bihar is
(a) Mundas
(b) Ahoms
(c) Khokhar
(d) Gonds


Answer: (a) Mundas

Question 2.
A division of Gond kingdoms controlled by a particular clan was termed as
(a) tanda
(b) clan
(c) garh
(d) khel


Answer: (c) garh

Question 3.
Which tribe was influential in Punjab in 13th and 14th centuries?
(a) Khokhar
(b) Ahoms
(c) Gonds
(d) Baiyaras


Answer: (a) Khokhar

Question 4.
Which tribal group established a powerful kingdom in Assam?
(a) Khokhar
(b) Ahoms
(c) Gonds
(d) Banjaras


Answer: (b) Ahoms

Question 5.
Who prescribed the ‘Varna’ rules?
(a) Rulers
(b) Jatis
(c) Brahmanas
(d) No one


Answer: (c) Brahmanas

Question 6.
The main occupation of Gond tribes was
(a) trade
(b) agriculture
(c) goldsmith
(d) blacksmith


Answer: (b) agriculture

Question 7.
Who used the services of Banjaras as trading nomads?
(a) Alauddin Khalji
(b) Jahangir
(c) Both of these
(d) None


Answer: (c) Both of these

Question 8.
Who were known as the rathakaras?
(a) Chariot makers
(b) Soldiers
(c) Brahmanas
(d) Carpenters


Answer: (a) Chariot makers

Question 9.
How many units of villages were called chaurasi?
(a) 80
(b) 84
(c) 14
(d) 24


Answer: (b) 84

Question 10.
Tribals obtained their livelihood from:
(a) Hunting
(b) Agriculture
(c) Herding
(d) All of these


Answer: (d) All of these



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