Thursday 25 February 2021

CBSE Class 7 Social - MCQ and Online Tests- Geography - Unit 1 - Environment

CBSE Class 7 Social – MCQ and Online Tests – Unit 1 – Environment

Every year CBSE students attend Annual Assessment exams for 6,7,8,9,11th standards. These exams are very competitive to all the students. So our website provides online tests for all the 6,7,8,9,11th standards’ subjects. These tests are also very effective and useful for those who preparing for any competitive exams like Olympiad etc. It can boost their preparation level and confidence level by attempting these chapter wise online tests.

These online tests are based on latest CBSE syllabus. While attempting these, our students can identify their weak lessons and continuously practice those lessons for attaining high marks. It also helps to revise the NCERT textbooks thoroughly.


CBSE Class 7 Social – MCQ and Online Tests – Unit 1 – Environment


Question 1.
Which one of the fallowing animals is called the ship of the desert?
(a) Camel
(b) Goat
(c) Cow
(d) Dogs


Answer: (a) Camel

Question 2.
Who interact with the environment and modify it according to their needs?
(a) Human beings
(b) Animals
(c) Rivers
(d) Mountains


Answer: (a) Human beings

Question 3.
Which one of the following is created by nature?
(a) Cars, scooters and buses
(b) Mountains, rivers and trees
(c) Roads, books, pen and copies
(d) All of these


Answer: (b) Mountains, rivers and trees

Question 4.
What do plant and animal kingdom make together?
(a) Biosphere
(b) Hydrosphere
(c) Atmosphere
(d) All of these


Answer: (a) Biosphere

Question 5.
Which one of the following is a basic life support system?
(a) Music system
(b) Environment
(c) Transportation
(d) None of these


Answer: (b) Environment

Question 6.
Which one of the following is not a threat to environment?
(a) Growing population
(b) Growing plants
(c) Growing industries
(d) All of these


Answer: (b) Growing plants

Question 7.
When is the World Environment Day celebrated every year?
(a) 25th December
(b) 23rd June
(c) 26th January
(d) 5th June


Answer: (d) 5th June

Question 8.
The domain of water is referred to
(a) hydrosphere
(b) lithosphere
(c) atmosphere
(d) biosphere


Answer: (a) hydrosphere



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