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CBSE Class 9 English - MCQ and Online Tests- Poem - Unit 3 - Rain on the Roof

CBSE Class 9  – MCQ and Online Tests – Poem – Unit 3 – Rain on the Roof

Every year CBSE  schools conducts Annual Assessment exams for 6,7,8,9,11th standards. These exams are very competitive to all the students. So our website provides online tests for all the 6,7,8,9,11th standard’s subjects. These tests are also very effective and useful for those who preparing for any competitive exams like Olympiad etc. It can boost their preparation level and confidence level by attempting these chapter wise online tests.

These online tests are based on latest CBSE syllabus. While attempting these our students can identify the weak lessons and continuously practice those lessons for attaining high marks. It also helps to revise the NCERT textbooks thoroughly.


CBSE Class 9  – MCQ and Online Tests – Poem – Unit 3 – Rain on the Roof

Question 1.
What is a bliss for the poet?
(a) bathing in the rain
(b) getting a lot of money
(c) going to an office in rain
(d) lying on the bed in a joyful mood


Answer: (d) lying on the bed in a joyful mood

Question 2.
Where does the poet’s mother live?
(a) in another town
(b) in a village
(c) with the poet
(d) she has died


Answer: (d) she has died

Question 3.
Where is the rain making a noise?
(a) in the room
(b) on the roof
(c) in the garden
(d) in the lanes


Answer: (b) on the roof

Question 4.
What tinkles on the shingles?
(a) raindrops
(b) hailstones
(c) brass-bells
(d) silver bangles


Answer: (a) raindrops

Question 5.
Select the name of the poet of the poem ‘Rain on the Roof’.
(a) Robert Frost
(b) Subramanian
(c) Coates Kinney
(d) W.B. Yeats


Answer: (c) Coates Kinney

Question 6.
What are the humid shadows doing in the sphere?
(a) steeping
(b) resting
(c) floating in the air
(d) doing nothing


Answer: (c) floating in the air

Question 7.
What is the memory that comes to the poet’s mind repeatedly?
(a) his mother
(b) his friends
(c) his siblings
(d) none


Answer: (a) his mother

Question 8.
What is the favourite activity of the poet during the rainy season?
(a) listening to the music
(b) eating snacks
(c) roaming on the roof
(d) lie on the bed and listen to the pitter-patter sound of the rain


Answer: (d) lie on the bed and listen to the pitter-patter sound of the rain

Question 9.
Which memories of the poet are revived with the pitter patter sound of rainfall?
(a) college days
(b) young age
(c) office days
(d) chidhood memories


Answer: (d) chidhood memories

Question 10.
What haunts the poet in the poem?
(a) his friends
(b) sounds of rainfall
(c) his mother’s memory
(d) none


Answer: (c) his mother’s memory






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