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CBSE Class 8 English - MCQ and Online Tests- Prose - Unit 2 - The Tsunami

CBSE Class 8 English – MCQ and Online Tests – Prose – Unit 2 – The Tsunami

Every year CBSE students attend Annual Assessment exams for 6,7,8,9,11th standards. These exams are very competitive to all the students. So our website provides online tests for all the 6,7,8,9,11th standards’ subjects. These tests are also very effective and useful for those who preparing for any competitive exams like Olympiad etc. It can boost their preparation level and confidence level by attempting these chapter wise online tests.

These online tests are based on latest CBSE syllabus. While attempting these, our students can identify their weak lessons and continuously practice those lessons for attaining high marks. It also helps to revise the NCERT textbooks thoroughly


CBSE Class 8 English – MCQ and Online Tests – Prose – Unit 2 – The Tsunami

Question 1.
How was Tilly forewarned?
(a) Because of her geography lesson
(b) Because of the warning written on the board near the beach
(c) Because of her friends who called her up.
(d) Because of the news she saw on the television.


Answer: (a) Because of her geography lesson

Question 2.
Two of Ignesious’s children died because
(a) they were separated from their parents
(b) Ignesious could not hold their hands
(c) they had gone in the opposite direction
(d) they remained sleeping


Answer: (c) they had gone in the opposite direction

Question 3.
A tsunami is a sea wave caused by
(a) the high tide
(b) the sea storm
(c) earthquakes on the land
(d) earthquakes under the sea


Answer: (d) earthquakes under the sea

Question 4.
Sanjeev was swept away
(a) while trying to save someone else
(b) while trying to save his family
(c) because he was a policeman on duty near the sea
(d) because he tried to save the guesthouse cook


Answer: (a) while trying to save someone else

Question 5.
Meghna saved herself from tsunami by
(a) swimming towards the shore
(b) holding on to a wooden door
(c) the help of the other 77 people who were swept away with her
(d) the relief helicopters


Answer: (b) holding on to a wooden door

Question 6.
6. Almas Javed, the 10 year old girl was saved
(a) because of her father who had sensed the danger
(b) by her mother and aunts who stood clinging to a coconut tree
(c) by a log of wood floating in the water
(d) by a policeman


Answer: (c) by a log of wood floating in the water

Question 7.
The little girl who saved many lives during the tsunami rage was
(a) Meghna
(b) Almas Javed
(c) Tilly Smith
(d) Penny Smith


Answer: (c) Tilly Smith

Question 8.
The tsunami waves were triggered by a massive earthquake
(a) off northern Sumatra
(b) off Thailand
(c) off Andamans islands
(d) off the Nicobar islands


Answer: (a) off northern Sumatra

Question 9.
How did Tilly become aware of the upcoming calamity?
(a) Video on tsunami
(b) Through a friend
(c) Through a Manager
(d) Through books


Answer: (a) Video on tsunami

Question 10.
What was the occupation of Sanjeev?
(a) Policeman
(b) Guesthouse cook
(c) Doctor
(d) Teacher


Answer: (a) Policeman

Question 11.
How many times did Meghna see the relief helicopters?
(a) Ten times
(b) Eleven times
(c) Twelve times
(d) Thirteen times


Answer: (b) Eleven times

Question 12.
Where was Tilly’s school?
(a) Thailand
(b) India
(c) England
(d) Sri Lanka


Answer: (c) England

Question 13.
Where is the Yala National Park situated?
(a) Thailand
(b) England
(c) India
(d) Sri Lanka


Answer: (d) Sri Lanka

Question 14.
Why were no animal carcasses found?
(a) Animals are smart.
(b) For being close to the nature
(c) Sixth sense
(d) Nature saves them


Answer: (b) For being close to the nature

Question 15.
How did Meghna save her life?
(a) She was saved by thfe relief helicopters
(b) She made use of a parachute
(c) She kept floating on a wooden board
(d) She was saved by Sanjeev


Answer: (c) She kept floating on a wooden board

Question 16.
Ignesious and his family rushed out of the house because
(a) they feared the coming of tsunami
(b) they felt an earthquake
(c) they heard the noise
(d) they just wanted to go out


Answer: (b) they felt an earthquake

Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow choosing the correct options from, among the given ones :


In the chaos and confusion, two of his children caught hold of the hands of their mother’s father and mother’s brother, and rushed in the opposite direction. He never saw them again. His wife was also swept away. Only the three other children who came with him were saved.

Question 1.
Whose children were they
(a) Javed’s
(b) Ignesious
(c) Sanjeev’s
(d) Almas’s.


Answer: (b) Ignesious

Question 2.
They ran in the opposite direction because of
(a) chaos
(b) Tsunami
(c) confusion
(d) his parents.


Answer: (c) confusion

Question 3.
These lines have been taken from the lesson named
(a) Tsunami
(b) The best Christmas present in the world
(c) The Summit Within
(d) This is Jody’s Fawn.


Answer: (a) Tsunami


“The water was swelling and kept coming in,” Penny Smith remembered. “The beach was getting smaller and smaller. I didn’t know what was happening.”

Question 1.
Penny Smith was
(a) an iron-smith
(b) Tilly’s mother
(c) a teacher
(d) an American woman.


Answer: (b) Tilly’s mother

Question 2.
Penny is describing a scene from
(a) India
(b) England
(c) America
(d) Thailand.


Answer: (d) Thailand.

Question 3.
The water referred to in the above lines is
(a) the boiling water in a pot
(b) the water of a river
(c) the sea water
(d) none of the above.


Answer: (c) the sea water


Many people believe that animals possess a sixth sense and know when the earth is going to shake. Some experts believe that animals’ more acute hearing helps them to hear or feel the earth’s vibration. They can sense an approaching disaster long before humans realise what’s going on.

Question 1.
Animals’ sense of hearing—as compared to human beings—is
(a) better
(b) worse
(c) same
(d) negligible.


Answer: (a) better

Question 2.
The word ‘acute’ in the passage means
(a) sharp
(b) small
(c) good
(d) bad


Answer: (a) sharp

Question 3.
How many senses do the humans have ?
(a) seven
(b) eight
(c) four
(d) five.


Answer: (d) five.



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