Saturday 25 July 2020

CBSE Class 8 Computer Science - New Syllabus 2020 - 2021 Download

CBSE Class 8 Computer Science – New Syllabus 2020 – 2021 Download

PDF  Format Download Here

CBSE Class 8 Computer Science – New Syllabus 2020 – 2021 Download

CBSE Class 8 – Computer – Syllabus – 2020-2021 


1AlgorithmUse of algorithm in programming Developing an algorithm to solve a particular problemApril to June
2Flow ChartAbout Flow chart

Various types of box used in flow

chart and their use(terminal box, input/output box, processing box, decision box)

Question-based on Sequence, selection and iteration

Formative Assessment-13Photoshop ReviewTopics studied in class VII (Rectangular marquee Toole, Lasso, Quick SelecJuly to September4More on Photoshop ToolsDrawing and type tools

1. Pen(P)

Freeform Pen, Add Anchor point, Delete Anchor point, Convert Point

2. Horizontal Type

Vertical Type, Rectangle, Rounded

3. Rectangle

Ellipse, Polygon, Line, Custom Shape

5Working with MasksWorking with Masks

Working with masks and channels, Creating a quick mask, Editing a quick m

Formative Assessment-2 & Summative Assessment-1


6Photoshop (Continue…)

Type in Photoshop

Output from


1. Photoshop Vector tools

Basic Vector Paths, Drawing shapes, Combining vector paths, Converting sha

2. Type in Photoshop

Typographic design, Creating a clipping mask from type, Creating a design el

3. Preparing file for print

Preparing file for web output, File compression

October to December7FlashFlash

What is flash and it uses, Creating animation, About symbols and instances, T

Formative Assessment-38Flash continuedMotion tweening (using and without using motion guide)

Shape tweening (simple shape and using text strings)

January to March9E-Commerce E-GreetingEDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

What are E-Commerce and E-Greetings?

Influence on user

What factor one should keep in mind while doing e-commerce, Website

10ChattingDefinition, Example11Downloading/UploadingDownloading/Uploading Speed, Difference, Example, Concept of Band12Audio and Video ConferencingWhat is it, Use of It, Factors affecting Video Quality, Usefulness of VideoFormative Assessment-4 & Summative Assessment-2


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